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Mendota High School
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A quick ad from your MHS graduate/musician. Thanks!!

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Last Day of School at Old MHS Forever

Hi i am Ray Tutaj Jr., a 1981 graduate, and I would like to share with you some of my personal photos of MHS. Thanks to Lee Stocking, I was able to photograph different areas of the school. I will add more photos and historical information as time goes on.  I can't beleive the old MHS is gone forever. 
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Mendota Il. High School 2002
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr.

This was the last fall season for MHS
photo by Ray Tutaj Jr. a 1981 graduate

Mendota High School Gymnasium
Photo by ray Tutaj Jr.

Hallway near Library
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr, student from 1978-1981

photo by Ray Tutaj Jr.

Study Hall
photo by Ray Tutaj Jr. 1981 graduate

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I am number 81 picture in center top row.
1978 Freshman football team

More Photos

Photography is a way to capture and celebrate life. In this album, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs. I hope you like what you see!
I also have another website with some of my other photos:

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